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Coaching is an immensely impactful process that can truly change the course of a life. 

Coaching is different from consulting, mentoring or psychotherapy. Through the coach-client partnership, we work together in synergy as a team of equals: you are the keeper of the wisdom - you have within you all the knowledge and power to know what you need and make it happen, and I am the ally who will support you in uncovering it, facing difficult truths, and and ensuring you keep the commitments you make to yourself.

If you recognise yourself in the following statements, coaching could be the answer.

I feel stuck and frustrated, like I've tried everything but life always tends back to the status quo.

I don't know how to make myself seen or heard. I feel I am invisible, and on the sidelines of my own life.

I feel neglected, abandoned, or let down, like I cannot get people around me to prioritise my needs.

If you see yourself in these statements,

send me a message and we can get to work.

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