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Katie Reay, BA MSC MBPSS

BPS-affiliated Psychologist and Accredited Coach


I've always been fascinated by the human psyche, and how we can use our knowledge of it to do good. After working in various organisations as a volunteer counsellor and mentor, I decided to pursue my passion more formally by studying for a Masters in the Psychology of Mental Health. Here I delved deeper into cognitive neuroscience and acquired powerful insights into how the mind works.


After seeing a life coach myself, I was exposed to the incredible scope of positive psychology and the colossal impact it can have on life fulfilment. I decided to become certified as a coach myself, because I believe it is the most impactful way I can use my knowledge to change lives.

As a coaching psychologist, I can help you venture through all areas of the psychological map, going to the past, present and future as needed. I use knowledge and techniques from both coaching and psychotherapeutic approaches to meet you where you are today, connect and collaborate with you on a journey fuelled by curiosity. Together we can make sense of your lived experience, and discover and create a new way of life full of meaning.

After working with me, clients tell me they have greater clarity about who they truly are, what they need to process and release to be free of the past, and what they need to find fulfilment. Through our collaboration we form bonds that last, and continue to be a source of strength beyond our sessions. Whenever a client feels they want to go deeper or re-find their focus in the face of a new challenge, I am there for them.

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