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Helping women
Reconnect with their needs,
Reclaim their power, &
Re-balance their lives


As women, so often there comes a time, a crisis point, when we realise that we have dedicated so much of our life force to serving those around us - partners, children, relatives, friends, colleagues - that we have forgotten that we, too, have needs that deserve to be met. We realise that we have been attentive to others but forgotten ourselves. Some of us have been doing this for so long that now we are not even sure what we need. We are left with a general sense of dissatisfaction, wondering what's missing, wondering what we're doing wrong, wondering if it has to be this hard.


The answer is that no, it does not have to be this hard. The way forward is simple, but easier said than done:

We need to be loved as we give love to others; we need to be supported as we support others; we need to be seen, heard, understood, and prioritised.

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Join me on my 3 step programme, and gain the insight, skills, and self-belief to step back into the centre of your life.


Would you like to learn more about how coaching could help you? Send me a message today to schedule a session.

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